Holocaust denial spreads in the same way as fake news. To combat it, we replicated how trolls spread fake news, infecting influential communities on Reddit, the front page of the internet. 
BIMA Advance Award: Conscience (“...for your commitment to changing mindsets, opening up conversation and educating the masses.”)
BIMA Award: Public Service & Not for profit campaign (under 70k)
D&AD White Pencil Nomination: Impact, community and civil engagement
Creativepool Project of the week

A typical denial MEME

Our global counterstrike at the heart of denial went viral multiple times, reaching 32 million people, with a budget of zero

On International Holocaust Memorial Day, we raided r/Unexpected for 24 hours - replacing their frivolous memes with the deportation records of Holocaust victims, showing where they were murdered. A user created a thread, 'What's going on with r/Unexpected?', which also went viral.

Click the image to view our Q&A with a survivor.  It became one of the top 100 Ask Me Anything's of all time, reaching 32.7M people, with 36k upvotes and 2k comments, bypassing those of famous celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Sir Ian McKellen and Denzel Washington. 

Creative Director: David Feldman 
Senior Strategist: Diego Chicharro
 Community Manager: Al Horner 
Case Study designer: Federica Qualiano
Partners: Green Cave People: Malcolm Green, Marc Cave  
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