A Magical Robotic arm for Make-A-Wish-Ireland lets you make a wish in an actual Irish wishing well, while you can’t get there in person.
COVID19 has radically changed how we work.
And it’s changed how we give too.

Sadly many charities are under threat.

There are no fundraising events, no sponsorship deals, no nothing.

It’s predicted £4 billion will be lost by July.

But new systems of support are starting to emerge.

And that’s where we come in creatively.

Our creative network want to do their bit to keep charities going.

So we’re going to do our bit by linking it all up.

Match the talent with the brief. Big brief or small.

Because charity needs to be saved.

Make a special child's wish come true by donating in the make-a-wishing-well. A real well, live streamed, in Ireland.

Each donor gets a personalised video.

There was also this furloughed wizard who took up everyone's favourite TikTok trend while stuck at home, unable to grant wishes for MAWI.

Creative Technologist: George Cave, Designer: Dave Robinson, Mockups: James McNaught, Illustrator: Ivan Brou, Producer: Alexis Garcia, Project Lead: Susan O'Hanlon ECD: Mark Fairbanks, Strategist: Phil Gault 
GBGB: Ollie Scott
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