Toughness comes from an ability to bounce back from rejection, like the boots. 

Rejected artists shot on film with a rejected in-camera technique, called red-scale

Edited as high energy, high attitude thumb-stoppers for social

Featured on 9by16 - a collection of the best branded Stories from across the web 

Nakhane, rejected by the South African film industry for being gay

Blaine Harrison, rejected by venues

Sarah Lu, rejected by society

Sistren, rejected for speaking out

For fans wanting to go deeper, articles online allowed you to discover more about the people and the brand’s heritage.

Tough As You: an attitude that provokes action
From OOH to retail spaces all over the globe
Directed by Alex De Mora, DOP: Oliver Ford
Creatives: Ellie Lynch, Beth Kwaterski, Paul Rider, Sarah Butler
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