First direct needed to get 25 – 35 year olds to switch to a bank they’d never heard of. But because of lack of time and a bunch of excuses, they stick to what they know. We created a series of comedies that gave them the confidence to take that ‘first step’ and try something new. The campaign starred Diane Morgan who overcame her fear of birds, needles and mums to try falconry, acupuncture and a pram workout. All of which you can do for £100, which incidentally is the amount you get for switching. 

As expected, Diane was thrilled to help us promote the campaign



Pram Workout

After becoming a graduate of the totally legit School of Snapchat, I placed Diane in the centre of every frame, allowing us to create perfectly cropped, vertical videos for social 

 We retargeted people who watched the films with bonus coda scenes

Retargeted on Instagram

Win the chance to try a new thing with Stylist & Shortlist magazine a painting course (playing charades at a props warehouse with Diane)

Case Study

Best Film - Social Buzz Award Finalist
Best Financial Campaign - Social Buzz Award Finalist
Creative Pool Ad of the week
Why Evolution Is True​​​​​​​

Later on we organised an event with Love Island's Iain Sterling. To make it social, we made sure he failed. 
Creative Director: David Feldman
Editorial Director: Rory McClenaghan
Director: Jon Drevor
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